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Fe-Based Nanocrystalline Ribbon
Application Fields: • Transformer cores for high frequency switch mode power supplies • Current transformer cores for electric industry • Transformer cores for ground-fault-interrupters • Cores for filters, storage inductors, and reactors • EMC common mod
Fe-Based Amorphous Ribbon
AmorphousNano-crystalline Ribbons We produce iron-based amorphous ribbons for distribution transformer cores. Amorphous ribbons for distribution transformers are superior to silicon steel in energy conservation. The no-load loss of SH15 amorphous distribu
Amorphous Cores
Cores AmorphousNanocrystalline cores are used for distribution transformers, instrument transformers, current transformers for electronic energy meter, zero-phase sequence current transformers for earth leakage circuit breaker, common mode chokes, power t
Main products: Ni-based, Co-based and Fe-based cast superalloy; Material Grade for example: IN713C, IN713LC, IN738, IN738LC, IN939, IN718C, IN731, GMR235, Hayness 25, Stellite 6, Rene80, IN100,etc. Product Specification: Dia.(30、40、50、70、80、90、100、125、175
Wrought Superalloy
Main products: Ni-based, Co-based and Fe-based cast superalloy; Heat resistant, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, high strength, high toughness and non- magnetic materials. Material Grade for example: IN718, IN600, IN625, IN601, Nimomic 80A, Nimomic 90
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